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For your convenience, we provide virtual services for our clients. Being part of our patient database helps to facilitate the initial setup for a virtual visits. However, we can provide this service for new patients as well.


For Telemedicine, we request access to the video and camera on any device you choose to use. We will need to capture the insurance and driver's license of the parent / legal guardian. 


All children and young adults (up to 18 years) need to have an adult with them for the consultation. Both patients and guardians need to be present for this consultation.

Telemedicine is available during our normal clinic hours. To decrease your waiting time, please call the clinic prior to clicking on the Telemedicine link so we can have you on the schedule and let you know your estimated waiting time.

Please Note: Telemedicine may not be enough in many scenarios, we may still require you to come into the office for examination, labs, treatments, or certain prescriptions medications. 

Next Steps: Leave your details on Contact Us OR Call us @ 601 531 8020 or 601 966 8433 to get on the schedule to request a Telemedicine visit & get on the schedule

Thank you and we look forward to serving you

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